Olympus E1 with Panagor 90mm lens.


A stroll along North Gare

As it was such a nice day, which is quite unusual for Hartlepool, Margaret and I decided to walk off our Sunday lunch with a stroll along North Gare. The weather was sunny with lots of dramatic cloud away in the distance and to make the day even better, the wind was warm; it’s normally a cold northeaster in this area!. The wind though, was a bonus, as it attracted some professional looking wind surfers to the beach; always a recipe for colourful photos.

North Gare encompasses a strip of sand dune, which is accessed by crossing one of the fairways belonging to Seaton Carew Golf Club. One should always be prepared to duck if ever “fore” comes drifting down the wind, followed by a speeding, will dent your head, golf ball!.

All photos taken with an Olympus E1 with either a 14-54mm or a 9-18mm Zuiko lens.