Old railway carriage

Wynyard Woodland

Canon G9


A big Boobie!!

As you might be aware, I have been posting numerous photos depicting, in my words, ‘The chemical works‘. I have to confess that I have made a big boobie! I was strolling around Google Earth this morning, when to my suprise, I discovered that this location is indeed, the Redcar Steel Works. My apologies to anybody who feels they need an apology. I should have checked on Google Earth in the first place.

Another Liebster Award!

It is a wonderful feeling when one’s peers recognise your efforts at whatever. It makes you feel good and spurs you on to do better, or at least, to maintain the same standard. Johanna Bradley has very kindly, nominated my photo blog for the Liebster Award, an award that is given to fellow bloggers who have less than 200 followers, in recognition of their efforts and to give impetus to their elbow.

As much as I appreciate this award, I am sorry to say that I must decline the nomination as I currently have more than 200 followers. I can however, direct all my present and future readers, to Johanna’s wonderful travel blog. Please pay her a visit, I promise that you will not be disappointed.


Thanks Jo.