26 thoughts on “The Field

  1. A beautiful image, processed in a very delicate way. The colours are gorgeous, strong but not over-saturated in any way. I love the contrast between the almost geometric forms of the grain in front and the organic forms of the forest and the clouds in the background.

  2. I love the mood…it’s like you stood there with a brush and some paints instead of a camera painting one soft layer of color and then another and then another and…

  3. I was sure I’d left a comment on here about the fence post, David! I must have an over active imagination 🙂 Anyway- I love this image.

    1. You did Jo and I thought that I had replied to it. Don’t know where it has gone. I didn’t really notice the post when taking the photo and when I look at it now, not sure what it is 🙂

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