21 thoughts on “The Farm

      1. That’s a shame David, it was such a beautiful day in London but not sure you need to know that – UK regional weather for you! Hope you get some more sunshine soon!

      1. I was in the village at 9.30 for t’ai chi, then walked home. 🙂
        Consoling myself with Rafa today, then to the airport to pick Dad up.

  1. David, I like your work. Please use “Follow Me” widget so that we could get email every time you make a new post. Thanks and best wishes!

    1. Thank you JF. I believe that you are the one who should click ‘Follow’ on my post in order to receive an email each time I publish a new photo 🙂

      1. Sorry, David. You’re wrong. When I click “Follow” on your bar your post will appear in my reader.
        To get email when you make a new post I need to click on “Follow Me” widget on your blog. I can’t find it.

      2. I am not an expert on this subject JF, but on my reader page there is a column ‘Blogs I Follow’ with an ‘Edit’ bar. If I click on ‘Edit’ I can then select a particular blog and choose whether or not to receive email notifications when that person publishes a new post. Maybe this is the same on your blog reader. I can’t find how to insert a ‘Follow Me’ into my blog. Hope this helps 🙂

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