Graffiti grid


Cartagena, Spain

Olympus E1 with 14-54mm lens

16 thoughts on “Graffiti grid

  1. Graffiti are funny things, aren’t they, David? Sometimes they really appeal and others not. I love this composition but wasn’t so struck with the fish.
    Have you been somewhere exciting lately? It must be cruise or Caribbean time of year? 🙂

    1. Hi Jo
      No, not been anywhere of note though did go to Gateshead last week! Just haven’t spent much time on my blog lately. Our next trip is starting in Maastricht attending the 10th. Anniversary concert by Andre Rieu in his home town. That will be in July, a Christmas present for Margaret. We are planning to combine that with a driving trip around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All in the planning stage at the moment, something I particularly like doing. Roll on summer!

      1. It used always to be my favourite part too, David- planning the trip. Maastricht looks a really lovely town and that concert will certainly be a bit special 🙂

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