Unit four plus one revisited

IMG_0234The original photo was previously posted on my blog in the Oman category and was taken about five years ago

unit four plus one (1 of 2)We decided to re-enact the same photo five years on, taken at the Sunderland airshow. The two boys on the left, interposed

unit four plus one (2 of 2)Thought it only fair that we should show Josh’s front view. Five brilliant grand-kids.

20 thoughts on “Unit four plus one revisited

  1. Me encantan!! la primera me recuerda a cuando mis hijos eran pequeños, y el chico que se da la vuelta también me recuerda a mi hijo, cuando no quería salir en una foto o se daba la vuelta o ponía la mano en la cara jajajajaja, saludos

  2. Great idea and great execution of the idea. The fact that Josh is facing away makes the series so much stronger and makes a binding element between the two images, beside the fact that it’s the same kids. But I understand in all fairness that Josh should be pictured fully like the rest, as well. An example of the sum is more than the elements added up.

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