50 thoughts on “The Red Arrows

    1. Many thanks Dave. This is only the second time that I have seen them, the first being in Oman. Just sad to have visited on the day that they did not make the love heart 🙂 Forgot to mention that I found your comment in my spam folder!

      1. I had wondered whether this problem had been sorted. It seems to happen with some blogs, but not others. I have enquired about it but received no useful response. I’m not doing anything differently.

  1. Aaah! You were there! Fantastic shots, David. They are the most magical sight and so many years the weather has been “not it’s best”. Not this year. 🙂

  2. I don’t know why none of your posts are in my news feed, I’ve missed quite a lot… But beautiful photos, I love the depth of the flowers and here, the composition and the objects themselves are so captivating! It must have been a great show 🙂

  3. Oh My GOD!!! David, your photographs here are just awesome… I am blown over by the beauty of each click! U click with some much perfection… I can’t stop looking at these again n again…Just amazing!!!!

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