Dry dock


7 thoughts on “Dry dock

    1. I always shoot in RAW, process the photos in Lightroom 4 then export them as Jpgs on my PC. I then upload the jpgs from within WordPress. Hope that answers your question.

  1. Yeah, thanks, but have you bought online space on wordpress, or what?
    So many pictures must take tone of space…

      1. I take my pictures directly as jpg and they are 5 Mb big…
        Should I change to RAW?

      2. Shooting in RAW will give you more control when processing your photos, though you will need to invest in a RAW converter program such as Adobe Camera RAW. However most free programs like Picasa from Google will reduce your file size to a more manageable size for on-line viewing. You only need a resolution of 72ppi for use on wordpress. You can also re-size your photos within WordPress itself. Hope this helps.

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