12 thoughts on “Windfarm update

  1. These look fairly close inshore David. Have they been well received by the community? I haven’t spotted them in your previous posts, but I have missed quite a lot recently.

    Thanks for posting, as I can now see how they are erected.

    1. They are not as close as they look as I was using a longish lens which tends to compress the perspective. One of my categories is headed ‘windfarm’ and I will be adding to it as the project progresses. Thanks for your comment Dave.

  2. This is almost a surreal picture, like it was airbrushed or a shoot of a miniature model. The colours are stunning, and the composition very strong. I like the panoramic format, it really fits the subject.

  3. Ha Dave, I thought that when I saw ‘windfarm update’ you were going to show images of them being pulled down: ho well, we can live in hope………..

    Nice series though.


      1. William Blake comes to mind with the phrase “Dark Satanic Mills” and its odd because I first stood close ! to one on the Yorkshire Moor – never again………
        Just think of the next electricity bill.
        Sorry this would have been a great debate if you had still been here.


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