A view from Boston Common, MA

Off for a cruise around the Western Med. tomorrow. See you in a week.

9 thoughts on “A view from Boston Common, MA

    1. Thanks Karen. Just arrived back yesterday so a lot of editing to do. All of the excursions from the ship tended to be between 0900 and 1600hrs so the light was not good for photography. It was too hot as well so always looking for shade. Next time we will go when the weather is cooler. :o)

    1. Thanks David. Returned yesyerday from the trip which was a mix of good and not so good. Difficult midday lighting made it difficult to capture what I wanted to.

  1. A very nice cityscape. I like the colours and the dramatic sky, which you most have had to refine quite a bit to make it come out so strong. Also the flag in the middle is a very important detail, as well as the person sitting relaxed to the right. You can almost hear the city bustling in the background while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the park.

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