Ancient and modern at sunset

Hart Village

Olympus E1 with Carl Zeiss 180mm f2.8 lens

16 thoughts on “Ancient and modern at sunset

      1. You are welcome and congratulations for you too. You deserve this award. I really don’t know too how I manage to keep up with everything… 🙂 I wake up early, I go to sleep very late… There is so many things that I should keep up with everything in my home, day, and at my desk too! But I can say this I am very fast on my computer, you should see my new labtop’s keyboard… 🙂 I type very fastly and you can’t see the letters, especially the letter “A” disappeared… 🙂 you can guess how fast I am… This comes from my typing machine in the old days, I was writing my books with them… now everything is computer but my old habit seems same, typing very strongly and fast.
        Thank you dear David, have a nice day, with my love, nia

  1. Beautifully shot, David.

    I remember spending a morning photographing next to those wind turbines a few years ago. The sound of the blades as they swooshed around was quite hypnotic.

    1. Thanks Mike. I still don’t know why some people complain about them spoiling the environment. Work has now started on a windfarm in the sea, just off Seaton Carew. Should look nice.

  2. I like the contrasts in the picture. The obvious contrast between old and new, but also between light and shadow and between surreal and real colours. The sky is beautiful. A very nice photograph.

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