Roof tiles

A portion of my garage roof………….am I becoming desperate for subjects!

Olympus E1 with 14-54mm lens.


27 thoughts on “Roof tiles

  1. If your desperate for subjects at least you picked tiles with moss for color contrast. On a random note, I just had to take a picture of myself with what I think is a standard digital camera but when I attempted to upload it to my schools database for extra credit in a course, I got an error message saying the picture was too big for the space. How do I know what kind of camera to use or how do I lower the content to make it fit? Any ideas?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Digital cameras generally have settings regarding the quality output generally expressed as .jpg and Mpixels. If your photo is too large for acceptance, then either select a lower quality output on your camera or use a photo manipulation program to reduce the data size of the image. I can recommend a free app from google called Picassa. Hope this makes sense to you.

    1. Hi David
      The last few weeks has quite truthfully, had me in a spin. Overwhelmed, panic setting in, how will I cope with all these emails and comments. Feel a lot calmer now that things are getting back to normal. Pray that you don’t get Freshly pressed!

  2. No your not…that is really awesome…love it. That happens huh…the ones that I think nobody would like turns out being the ones they like the most. Love this.

  3. Desperations seems to be good for creativity! I really like the coarse structure and pattern of the picture. And of course the colours are stunning. What really makes the photo is the moss on the top tiles. So abstract and yet really concrete. Great work in spite of the desperation.

  4. Nice textures, particularly the top tile David. I wonder whether a letterbox crop of just the top tile is also worth considering. In fact, I think there might be several other crop options.

  5. The colors are what made me take a second look at this; and then it just gets better the closer you look at it. Nice one!

  6. …and am I the only one who sees an impressionistic pair of legs, bikini bottoms and abdomen in this?

  7. It’s pretty awesome cool Probably trite to say this, but it takes way more talent to find beauty in the ordinary than in capturing something innately beautiful, odd etc

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