Here we go again……just can’t resist. No.3

Olympus E1 with Panagor 90mm lens.


12 thoughts on “Here we go again……just can’t resist. No.3

  1. Getting a ‘blue’ to behave is extremely difficult. Your No.3 benefits from your rendition of it in this incarnation of the photo. Still no perfect blue will save a bad composition. That you also got right in the first place. Good work.
    Now onto the subject of the “Lobster Award”. I am a non-photographer so take this lightly. I do like lobsters, in part because of their particular hue. Did you experiment at all with this photo’s reaction to the red side of the spectrum? The focus of the beautiful naturally soft foreground would then shift to the earthy harder man made element in the upper third of the frame without disturbing the near perfect balance. I can see it in my mind but could not share it with someone else without your talent with the lens.

    1. Possibly due to the fact that I live less than five minutes away. I probably drive along the front every day, it is my preferred route into town. I find myself looking at the chemical works on the return journey and today there was an opportunity for a really dramatic photo. The smoke/steam was billowing vertically as there was no wind, the light was just right, the waves were stormy and the view was immersed in sea spray. I didn’t have my camera and I’ve already stated that the subject is now exhausted………..!

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