Seaton Carew, Hartlepool.  Canon G9

17 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. An excellent photograph with a lot of interest from foreground right through to the hills at the back. For me, even better than ‘Dusk’, so look out for even more hits. I love it.

  2. I can see at least 6 different complete photos here depending on how the photo is cropped, each vying to be the primary focus. Each deserves to be that. The composition is superb. I am having trouble taking it all in. Did you shoot it in colour too?

    1. I’m having trouble taking your comment in :o). Praise indeed. Yes the original image was colour though I thought that B+W portrayed the atmosphere so much better. Thanks.

  3. Nice moody image–I like how sea and land blend together in one big reflective surface. (PS–found you through bananabatman and not FP, but belated congrats, and no response needed 🙂 Best wishes

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