Looking south from Seaton Carew promenade.

Olympus E1 with Panagor 90mm lens.


123 thoughts on “Dusk

  1. I like the colors in this…
    Just out of curiosity, did you take any shots with more of the sky in them (as the upper 2/3’s of the frame)? Be interesting to see the lighting that way as well.

  2. As someone who cares deeply about the environment, I’m not a fan of oil refineries. We have a similar scene in Anacortes, Washington. You have however turned an eyesore into a poetic image.

  3. I really like the colours in the water..there is a gentle softness to the overall shot to, a contrast to the real life situation.

  4. wow… I hope I have also a good camera..
    because here in my place, there are a lot of good view like this…
    I’m poor… please someone donate a camera to me..
    just kidding..
    anyways your photo is really nice..
    Can I use your photo to feature it in my future post..


    1. Thanks for your comments. I don’t mind that you use my photos in your blog providing that 1. You inform me each time a photo is used. 2. You acknowledge that the photo belongs to me and is linked back to my blog. 3. No profit is derived from the photo and copyright is enforced.

  5. lovely shots from a dramatically beautiful part of the world (a local secret). I don’t know anywhere like the North East in which the light and sky can change so much in a day or even an hour….keep em’ coming…

    1. Why are you addressing this question to me instead of the editors. As to your other comment, well, I won’t waste my time replying to it. You sound like one embittered old man.

  6. Great capture. Very thought provoking.

    I hope that you don’t mind if I share a link, but your picture reminds me exactly the opposite of a place in Northern Arizona that I visited a few months ago.

  7. Thank you for portraying ‘positively’ one of the countless misunderstood contributions to society. The industrial sector of the world is primarily given grossly misrepresented images by many sources with an Agenda.. As a technical engineer that worked all of my life to provide for modern society, as well as my family, I fully understood the necessity of industrial projects. Due to an overabundance of agenda driven educators, many students were never taught that industrial projects and their immeasurable quantitative productivity are for the collective well being of All of society.

    Keep the good pictures coming of a unique and extremely contributory sector of modern humanity. The US Gulf States have huge productive refineries that appear as beautiful lighted space ship cities in the night. Seldom do we see positive photographs of them posted in detail in public education publications. Only on blogs and You Tube, is the real message told, sometimes positive, as yours, and way too often in exaggerated, negative ways. thank you again David

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