Stormy weather

Seaton Carew.  Olympus E1 with 14-54mm lens.


4 thoughts on “Stormy weather

  1. Hey Dave, sorry I haven’t forgotten you, I hope you haven’t me. I have been so busy moving to Blogger recently I didn’t notice your blog missing from my following list.

    I find this extremely dramatic and not over the top. At times your cameras images cross me as been as such but I really like this one. You must have been shooting at a very wide angle to capture shots like this. I have the equivalent lens on My PEN and I absolutely love it. Do you ever shoot 6:6 format shots?

  2. Thanks Tobias. The only time that I have shot 6×6 was way back in the early 70’s. I bought a Yashica TLR when I was in Bahrein with the british Army. It was the type where you had to look down on to a focus screen at waist level and the image was reversed on the screen It took some getting used to when composing. I still have some snaps from it, mainly of my two kids who where born in the 70’s.

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