Peeling paint

The door of an abandoned house on the outskirts of Hartlepool.

Olympus E1 with Zuiko 9-18mm lens.


5 thoughts on “Peeling paint

  1. Beautiful image that could easily be used as a texture. Aso fantastic shot for such an old camera. Though the lens your using is fantastic. I am looking at thte M.zuiko 9-18mm for my PEN.

  2. Hi Tobias
    A word of warning regarding the Zuiko 9-18mm lens. If you are a filter user, make sure that you buy a really thin filter as the one that I bought with the lens would not attach properly; kept falling off.

  3. Actually it is an M.Zuiko rather than a normal Zuiko. Its designed for the Micro 4/3s mount and system cameras like the Olympus PEN and the Lumix G series.

      1. $700 lens has me waiting. I would like to see it come down on amazon, especially because they aren’t the best built lenses. I am looking at a $2500-3000 Pentax kit for next summer that will have a K5 an 18-55 a 55-200 a 35mm prime, a 80mm Sigma macro and a 14mm lens wide angle. The most expensive lens is actually the wide angle at $650. So I don’t think I will be investing that heavily in this Olympus.

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